Benefits of Hiring an Exclusive Real Estate Team:

  • Saves Time: Most firms do not have the resources or the time to embark on property research or lease analysis. Commercial real estate brokerage exists for this reason. An exclusive arrangement saves the client valuable executive time and frees the client to concentrate on its daily business endeavors.
  • The Landlord Pays the Real Estate Fee: It is standard in the real estate industry for an owner or developer to pay commission fees. This expense is budgeted into their properties. A commission is paid whether or not an exclusive broker is utilized. The owner's representative will simply make a larger fee by not having to co-broker with an exclusive buyer/tenant agent. Most importantly, the owner's rep will not represent the tenant's interest.
  • Single Point of Contact: An exclusive broker engagement provides a single point of contact for:
    • 1) Market information
    • 2) Property and financial analysis
    • 3) Your specific company needs.
    • A broker canvasses the market and analyzes the appropriateness of available properties for a client's needs. This tedious groundwork frees the client's time. Time saving is further enhanced by having one person with whom to discuss the relevant information versus several owner representatives.
  • Variety of Services: At Republic CRE, we surround ourselves with experts in construction management, architecture, cabling and wiring, phone systems and office furniture. These folks add value that helps our clients with information to efficiently plan a move and/or expansion.
  • Market Knowledge: A broker's livelihood is dependent upon a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the past, present and future commercial real estate market. This is an expertise that is learned and gained over time. It will undoubtedly help you make your best informed real estate decision.
  • Respect/Fair Treatment from Landlord/Owner: With an exclusive arrangement, prospective Landlords/Owners understand that a tenant is being represented objectively and offered numerous opportunities. Therefore, owners must bid against each other for a tenant with all discussions being organized in a professional, third party negotiation approach. A good broker will force the market to compete for a tenant and force the owners to present their terms without pretense.
  • Exposing All Deal Aspects: Positive and Negative: It is not uncommon for last minute problems to occur in the final stages of a transaction.

An exclusive broker will not hesitate in bringing any lease problem to a client's attention, even though it could break the deal because it conflicts with a client's best interests. An exclusive broker will make this sacrifice to preserve and enhance a long-term business relationship.

Exclusive Arrangement = AOL

  • Accountability: By an exclusive arrangement, a broker is held completely accountable to the client. This ensures that the broker's interests are directed towards providing the best service and knowledge to a client.
  • Objectivity: An exclusive arrangement indicates the broker's desire to present all options, objectively and thoroughly, not just one or two properties that he/she might represent. Objectivity ensures the client of a concise but thorough market/transaction analysis.
  • Loyalty: An exclusive arrangement guarantees that the broker will truly service the client and the client will sense loyalty in dealing with one broker. This strengthens the client/broker relationship which fosters a free flow of candid, straightforward information.